Reward - SpiffCENTRAL Vendor Manager

Posted by:Nikki
06 September 0   0

When The Spiff Revolution Comes...

You and Your Sales People Rewap Rewards

What if you were able to create a new profit center for your company?  Imagine the reward for discovering an entirely new revenue stream that also boosts product sales.


SpiffCENTRAL™ Vendor Manager turns vendor spiffs into a direct income stream for your company.  It's a simple concept.  Our patented online application insures that all vendore spiff programs come through you and rewards are distributed via debit card.  As the program administrator, your vendors pay you for every award processed.  So, the more your sales force sells, the more everyone earns.  It's a winning proposition all-around.


And because we do all the heavy lifting your revenue stream won't need any additional staff to support it.  We'll have you up in running in a matter of weeks.