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12 September 0   0

When the Spiff Revolution Comes...

Salespeople Will Love Selling Your Product


For most salespeople working for your channel partners, money is their biggest motivator.  Your ability to accelerate their compensation earns their loyalty and keeps your product top-of-mind.  But do program traction and engagement suffer because of a time consuming and unwieldy claims process?

SpiffCENTRAL™ Channel Manager gives salespeople easy access to earning opportunities with a personalized website.  They register online and you decide what programs they are eligible for.  They can see program information, file claims, check reward status and ask questions.

All rewards can be credited to a debit card, branded with your company's look and logo.  They receive their rewards quickly and conveniently, without waiting for the mail or cashing checks.  Participants can check their card balance online 24/7 so they know it's ready to go when they are.  They'll enjoy the freedom to spend their reward in a way that's meaningful to them,  and you'll enjoy increased mindshare every time they pull out a card with your logo.