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Posted by:Nikki

When the Spiff Revolution Comes...

You'll Set the Rules of Spiff Engagement

Vendor spiffs have always been designed to support vendors' goals.  But what about your goals?  When you need to speed product turns or increase your average ticket, vendor incentives may actually work against you.


SpiffCENTRAL™ Vendor Manager's online approval process puts your priorities first.  All Vendor Spiff programs presented to your sales staff must meet your gudelines and receive your ultimate approval.  If vendors want access to your sales force, their spiff programs must be in-tune with your objectives.


Speaking of objectives, if keeping overhead costs to a minimum is a priority, SpiffCENTRAL™ Vendor manager is an ideal solution.  your vendors pay a start-up fee, so the program doesn't have to cost you a thing.  you can even turn it into a profit center.  And our unique online environment and live customer support means your program won't put a strain on your human resources either.