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In addition to our powerful software, MTC offers a full range of services based on your specific needs. Leveraging our decades of experience, we guide leading companies on best practices to achieve better results implementing exciting and effective sales incentive programs.



With our incentive automation software, you can manage your entire program yourself. Or, our experienced and efficient staff can manage any aspect of your program—or your entire program for you. It's your choice.

Participant Support

Our experienced and friendly Chicago-based customer service staff offers phone, email and fax support to answer participant questions and quickly resolve any issues.

Program Specialist

A Program Specialist is dedicated to your account to apply industry expertise to your particular needs. Used as a sounding board for your plans, our Program Specialists know all the details associated with a successful promotion and will recommend best practices to achieve your desired goals.

Promotion Processing

Although you can easily set up your promotions yourself, if you prefer we can enter and monitor your promotions for you. This provides an additional, experienced set of "eyes" to check that your promotions are set up to perform the way you intend. 

Report Processing

You can access most reports online and easily export them for additional manipulation and analysis on your own. But if you would like assistance setting up the process or just want someone else to create and analyze the numbers in a particular way, we’re here to help.

Claim Processing

Depending on your specific requirements, processing claims can be time-consuming. We can help. Our experienced and efficient staff processes thousands of claims all day long. Following your program's auditing guidelines, our claims processors quickly and accurately approve complete claims, and communicate with participants whose claims do not meet the requirements to gather additional information.


Professional SERVICES

Our powerful incentive automation software sets us apart, but our experienced MTC staff is what really makes your programs succeed. We know incentives and we know channels. We know what works and what doesn't. With MTC you get a variety of Professional Services to help you best achieve your goals.

Program and Promotion Consulting

Tap into our vast knowledge and experience. We guide you through every aspect of developing and implementing successful incentive programs. From strategy to the smallest tasks, we're here to help you. And we stay with you to analyze performance and adjust strategies in real-time. 

Training and Webinars

To get you up and going properly, we always include basic training as part of any client launch. We also offer additional training either on-site or online.

Creative Services

We offer various creative services to supplement and promote your programs including online or print graphic design, email or newsletter creation and distribution, promotional items, debit card design, program welcome kits and more. 

Custom Software and Report Development

We realize one-size can't fit all clients all the time. That's why adapting and responding quickly has always been our calling card. We think it's good to be unique, so when you want something special, we’ll make it happen.

Tax Form Issuance

Our job is to make your job easier. That's why we take care of the tedious administrative tasks for you, like year-end tax forms related to your incentive program. We issue 1099 forms to your participants, file required government documents and provide the reporting for your records. 



creates effective, efficient sales incentive management solutions that save time and money while increasing engagement and ROI. We empower clients to create successful sales incentive programs and promotions that influence business results, motivate participants to sell more and maximize program potential.  

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