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When the Spiff Revolution Comes....

You'll Never Wonder If Your Program is Working


With most incentive programs, it's hard to measure real success until it's over.  This means, by the time you know something isn't working, it's too late to fix it.


ChannelVIEW™, the user friendly measurement arm of SpiffCENTRAL™ Channel Manager, gives you real-time feedback on incentive programs.  If a spiff program isn't working, you can make mid-stream adjustments to insure it delivers results.  If a specific region or territory isn't performing, its internal sales team will know it's time to step-up communications with dealers and participants.


Offer secure access to key players in your sales chain and ChannelVIEW™ is a dynamic performance improvement tool.  From Vice President of Sales to District Sales managers, everyone knows how their programs are performing, in realtime and where to focus their attention.


ChannelVIEW™ gives you the business intelligence you need to deliver effective spiff programs and put your company on the road to record sales performance.