For Large Resellers


Our Vendor Manager™ solution helps you lower costs by making the most of vendor-funded programs. Just as important, you can control the various SPIFF programs targeting your sales team and make sure they’re aligned with your business objectives.

Manage Your Vendor Programs

For Distributors and Large Resellers

Many manufacturers are vying for your sales reps' attention. Centralizing your vendors’ incentive programs insures their intentions are aligned with your company objectives. MTC delivers an unprecedented level of sophisticated, big data management and ease-of-use. This means an exciting array of promotion types for your vendors, less work for your marketing team and accurate, real-time access for your sales reps.

  • Control the multiple reward programs targeting your sales team to align with your business objectives
  • Save time and lower costs by eliminating sales rep administration tasks with the importing of sales-out data
  • Increase profits by optimizing and harvesting the most from vendor funded programs

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creates effective, efficient sales incentive management solutions that save time and money while increasing engagement and ROI. We empower clients to create successful programs and promotions that influence business results, motivate participants to sell more and maximize program potential. Rely on our superior technology, focus on business outcomes, flexibility and decades of expertise for your program success.

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